What mold removal technicians do after a flood.


What do mold removal technicians do after water strikes? Mold remediation technicians head out after the first sign of mold.  Having mold found in your home needs to be handled and removal quickly and correctly or there is a risk for mold contaminating more areas and becoming more exposed.  Below are five steps that remediation experts take after finding mold in a house or property.

1.  Determine type mold damage and extent

The extent of mold damage is important to determine what all will be involved in the remediation process

2. Block off areas known to have mold

Containment of mold infected areas helps prevent the spread to different areas of the property

3. Remove items that can’t be treated

Removing items such as moldy boxes, papers, clothes etc. is necessary to avoid re-contamination

4.Clean mold infected surfaces

Areas and surfaces will be cleaned by a professional and remediated properly to make it safe again

5. Follow-up mold testing

Retesting after mold remediation is needed in order to determine whether or not the mold problem has been resolved