Professional Home Winterization in Cincinnati

When a home is vacant for an extended period of time, there’s a lot that could go wrong that could cause significant damage to your property. A properly winterized home will be able to withstand cold temperatures so you can feel confident during your time away that your home is protected against damage that could be easily be prevented.

Whether you head for warmer weather during the bitter cold and harsh winter or you are planning an extended vacation, you want to be sure that your home is prepared for anything. We can help!


Prevent Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are not uncommon in our area, and if you are away when your pipes burst you could return to find extensive water damage to your home. ICON Property Rescue can make sure your home is fully protected from water damage by shutting off the water main, opening faucets, and draining toilets.

Properly insulating pipes and exterior walls can also help to prevent freezing. We can check any exposed pipes and make sure they are insulated. It’s important to keep your property heated to about 55 degrees to keeps pipes from freezing.

Fire Prevention

The risk of a devastating fire increases when you are away. Furnace malfunctions, gas leaks, electrical shorts, and more can all result in a fire. It is always best to turn off the gas line when possible, or if you have a gas furnace to at least turn off the gas to appliances.

You should also unplug everything, within reason, depending on the duration of your vacancy. Electrical shorts and electrical surges can result in an electrical fire, so it’s best to err on the side of caution and do everything you can to prevent a fire.

Soot Removal

Protect Your Home with Professional Winterization

Get peace of mind the next time you are planning to take an extended winter vacation. At ICON Property Rescue, our home winterization service is designed to prevent the biggest threats to your property during the winter months. From preventing water damage, frozen pipes, and reducing your property’s fire risk, you can rest easy knowing you’ve done all that you can to protect your property this winter.

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