Water Damage To Out-Buildings And Sheds

water damage cleanup cincinatti, water damage restoration cincinatti, water damage cincinattiYour Cincinatti house is your castle but your passions might live outside of your physical house. Your vintage car lives in your garage, you paint in your studio, you workout in your personal gym. One of the disadvantages of these private spaces is that your favorite things and activities occur outside of your home. Therefore, when you have water damage , you might have opened yourself up to additional risk. 

We at Icon Property Rescue know how flloodwater or a broken pipe can cause extensive and irreversible damage. Floods or disasters can ruin your space by 1) wiping out belongings and 2) permanently damaging floors and walls. 

Prepare Before Heavy Rains 

It is important to take the time to flood-proof your outbuildings. Floodwater can cause permanent damage to furniture, books, documents, and other water-sensitive items, and it can cause the wood to swell and warp. If water is not immediately removed, mold and other microbial organisms can begin to grow. 

So before the rainy season hits, inspect your building for vulnerable areas. Take care to properly maintain any plumbing in your space. Add backflow valves to toilets and drains. And if the space is below ground level, install a sump pump and backup power source.

Once a flood warning has been announced, immediately gather the emergency supply kit and pay attention to the TV or radio for updates.  If possible, make sure to bring in any outdoor items such as grills, furniture, and trash cans. Securely tie down large items. Carry every valuable thing in the space to the highest floor in the house, especially that big screen T.V.

How Secure Is Your Existing Garage Door?

Because of their large size, garage doors are highly susceptible to wind damage. According to FEMA, if the garage door is lost during a hurricane, internal pressure can uncontrollably build up, allowing massive winds to blowout the home’s roof and supporting walls. 

Your garage door is only held in place by the rollers in the track. When the wind blows at the door, it creates positive pressure – the higher the wind speed, the greater the pressure. Double check the integrity of your system before bad weather hits.

Are Outbuildings Covered By Insurance?

Most homeowners policies will cover buildings on your property that aren’t attached to your home, like a gazebo, shed or detached garage through “other structures protection.” Typically, the standard coverage is for 10 percent of the amount of insurance you have on your home. So if your home is insured for $300,000, your shed and other structures would be insured for 10 percent of that, $30,000. Check with your insurance agent if you plan to have more value (or risk) stored outside your normal structure.

Cincinnati’s Water Damage Restoration Experts

If you’ve experienced a major spill in your  outbuilding, call ICON Property Rescue as soon as possible. The concrete floor can sustain water damage, staining, and other problems if the water remains for too long, and the walls can lose some structural integrity as well. The longer you wait, the worse the damage will get.

All of your possessions are important. Whether you have experienced water damage in your main home, your garage, your art studio, or your workshop, you need professional help to clean up and prevent further damage. Call ICON Property Rescue at the moment you discover water damage. We provide emergency services for water, fire, and mold removal services throughout Kentucky and Ohio.