Water Damage Cleanup For Your Hardwood Floors

water damage cleanup Cincinnati

Harwood and Water Damage

Our worst nightmare is needing water damage cleanup and restoration in our Cincinnati homes. Your hardwood floors are a substantial investment that adds elegance and durability to your living space. Renowned for their aesthetic appeal and robust nature, wood floors are a favored choice in flooring in Cincinnati homes. Nonetheless, the harmony between them and water damage is delicate. When your home experiences water damage, the urgency of addressing it on your hardwood floors cannot be overstated. Given the porous nature of wood, its cellulose fibers readily absorb water upon exposure. To mitigate water damage, swift action is key. 

Water Damage Cleanup Cincinnati

At ICON Property Rescue, we specialize in handling water-damaged wood floors, and we are here to share valuable insights on how to rescue your hardwood floors from significant harm.

Primary Steps To Salvage Your Hardwood Floors:

  1. Swift Water Removal: First of all promptly eliminating standing water is crucial to curbing further absorption by the wood. Utilize a wet mode on a shop vacuum with a wide flooring attachment to extract as much water as possible from the surface. A shop broom or squeegee can aid in channeling water toward the vacuum hose for thorough removal. That being said, the best way to ensure all the water is removed from your floors is to call a professional water damage cleanup company.
  2. Thorough Disinfection: Secondly preventing mold and mildew growth is crucial after water damage. Employ a mild detergent and a compatible disinfectant to meticulously scrub the entire floor and baseboards in the affected area. Regularly rinse the cleaning brush to effectively remove unwanted materials without redistributing them. Always opt for cleaners safe for your hardwood floors since you can cause further harm and damage. In fact, to ensure that the correct disinfecting agents are used during water damage cleanup, you need to rely on a water damage cleanup company. 

  3. Delicate Drying Process: Drying out the floors is a pivotal step that requires careful execution. Prioritize optimal air movement using heavy-duty fans. Cross-ventilation through doors and windows enhances moisture removal. Remember that while wood absorbs water rapidly, removing moisture takes much longer. Avoid hasty heating, as it can lead to warping and cracking. For a safe and effective drying process, rely on the expertise of professional water damage cleanup technicians. Trained technicians utilize commercial-grade air movers and industry-approved moisture detection equipment to ensure thorough drying without causing damage.
  4. Expert Intervention: Finally if the prospect of replacing your cherished hardwood floors due to water damage seems daunting, water damage cleanup help is available to you here in Cincinnati. Be sure to select a water damage cleanup company that specializes in comprehensive water damage cleanup services for every area of your home, and guarantees optimal results for your floors.

Do not let water damage destroy the beauty of your hardwood floors. Trust ICON Property Rescue for your Cincinnati water damage restoration. We are dedicated to protecting your home and preserving the integrity of your hardwood flooring when performing water damage cleanup. We are ready to respond as quickly as possible to your water damage cleanup situation.