Water Damage Cleanup Timeline

Timeline Of Water Damage And CleanupDamages from water in your home compound over time, so the longer the water damage is present, the more damage your home will sustain. If your property in Cincinnati has experienced water damage, the water damage cleanup experts at ICON Property Rescue are ready to respond immediately to restore your home before the damage worsens. 

Water Damage Cleanup Cincinnati

We understand the need for a quick response to mitigate your water damage emergency quickly. So we are sharing the following timeline with you to show just how important it is to begin water damage cleanup as soon as possible:

  • Immediately After Water Damage: 

Water saturates every material it comes into contact with, and can spread very quickly throughout the home. Paper goods will begin to deteriorate very quickly once they are exposed to water. Other porous materials will also begin to absorb the water. 

  • 24 Hours After Water Damage: 

Materials that have absorbed water, like upholstery and carpet, will become heavy and sodden. Materials like drywall and insulation begin to breakdown and deteriorate because of all the swelling from the moisture. Wood will also begin to swell. Metal object will begin to tarnish, and any colors and dyes from fabrics will begin to bleed. Paper goods are no longer likely to be salvageable. Mold growth begins in as little as 24 hours after moisture has been present.

  • 48 Hours After Water Damage: 

Mold growth has now started to spread. It may even begin to be visible on some surfaces. Wood will begin to warp and bend. Metal objects will begin to corrode. Other materials (drywall, insulation, carpet, carpet padding, furniture, and other textile goods) continue to deteriorate under the weight of the water. Microorganisms can begin to grow in the water, so contamination levels become a threat at this point. 

  • One Week After Water Damage: 

If water damage has been present for this long, restoration costs and processes are significantly increased. Water contamination levels are a huge concern, and will require specialized cleaning and sanitization techniques. Few items are salvageable after being exposed to water for this long, and structural damage is likely to ensue. Mold growth and other harmful bacteria are now major risks, and have likely spread to other areas of the home. Structural integrity is compromised, posing a serious threat to those still living in the area. Cracks in walls and ceilings, and buckling of floors will be apparent by this time, and will require rebuild to correct. Water damage at this stage is extremely dangerous, and should only be handled by trained water damage cleanup professionals with the correct equipment. 

Whether your water damage is from a broken or leaky pipe, a faulty sewer line, or a malfunctioning appliance, and whether the damage just happened or has been present for an unknown amount of time, the water damage cleanup experts at ICON Property Rescue is here to help. We work hard to get your home back to normal as soon as possible, with the least amount of inconvenience to you. So do not waste any time if your home needs water damage cleanup, and call ICON right away.