Can I remove mold from my house?

Can I remove mold from my house? If I have visible mold growth in my house, can I safely clean it up myself? When mold is growing on drywall, can it be cleaned with bleach? The answer is, if there is extensive mold growth, it’s important to follow strict protocols to avoid further damage. Mold must be removed, not just bleached. Since bleach contains 99% water, it can actually feed the mold spores. The flora (flowering visible part of the mold) will be bleached off, but the mold is essentially rooted into the drywall. 

Can I remove mold myself from my house?

Mold in house growing on walls

Although it is possible to remove most of the mold yourself, it is a big risk.  Mold Remediation is a task that should be left to professionals due to the toxicity and potential to spread.  Mold can spread within 24 hours after water has been removed.  Once the mold is aggregated, it is ready to spread.