Prepare For And Prevent Home Fire Damage And Cleanup 

fire damage cleanup covington, fire damage repair covington, fire damage restoration covingtonHome fires are terrifying and the aftermath can be equally worrisome and stressful. When it comes to fires, it is best to prevent them and prepare for them in case a fire does occur. 

Fire Damage Cleanup In Covington


Preparation is key to being successful. This applies to a house fire as well. If you are prepared for a house fire, you will be better equipped to get the fire put out quickly and avoid as much fire damage as you can. Fire damage clean up is not a fun task, though it is doable.

  • Fire alarms: Fire alarms are fairly simple. When smoke enters the chamber of the smoke alarm, then the alarm will go off. Though it is simple, it can save lives and prevent the fire from getting far worse by alerting you to the issue. It is good preparation to have routine checks of your fire alarms and ensure they have good batteries and are working properly. If you have children it is a good idea to help them know what a fire alarm sounds like so they are aware if it ever went off.
  • Emergency communications: In case of a fire ensure that you and your family are aware of several emergency communications. Know how to get a hold of each other if you aren’t all at home at the time. Ensure everyone knows how to call 9-1-1. And lastly, know how to contact a good fire damage cleanup company. They can help with the aftermath and getting your home back to a safe and livable place. If you are in Covington, ICON Property Rescue is a good option.
  • Make sure your house number is visible from the street: Lastly, make sure your house number is clearly visible from the street. In case of a fire, when you call 9-1-1, they will want to know where you are and what the address is. By making your house number visible, you are making it that much easier for the fire department to locate your house.


Prevention is key. While being prepared is important, it is much better to avoid the situation of a house fire all together.

  • Keep flammables in a safe place: Keep flammables in a safe place. This includes matches, or chemicals used for cleaning. Keep them in a high cupboard and somewhere where they will remain cool.
  • Make sure your heating sources are in working order and clean: Many home fires are caused by poorly maintained furnaces or stoves. Do routine cleaning and maintenance to ensure they are working properly.
  • Ensure wiring is up to date: Check the wiring in your house. This will help in preventing an electrical fire from starting up.
  • Do routine checks and repairs of outlets or cords: There may be exposed wires in a phone cord or the television may have a loose plug. These sorts of things should be replaced. Make sure all outlets have cover plates over them. 

Prevention and preparation are important. If you do find yourself facing a home fire, don’t try doing the fire damage clean up on your own. Find a professional fire damage clean up company to help.