Did Your Stove Cause Water Damage Cleanup Issues?  

water damage cleanup covingtonHoses, valves, switches, and plumbing connections can leak in your Covington, Kentucky property leaving you in need of water damage cleanup. Kitchen water damage is usually caused by leaking sinks, old dishwashers and malfunctioning ice makers. Stoves are an unexpected kitchen appliance to leak water. And any accumulation of water in your kitchen can cause damage to the cabinets, floors and walls.

Covington’s Water Damage Cleanup Experts

Where Is the Water Coming From?

A little extra moisture in your lasagna will just evaporate while baking in the oven. However, any water you find dripping on and around your stove comes from condensation and evaporation. The unit is likely leaking water due to poor insulation.

Steam produced while cooking rises into the vent hood. This hot moisture  comes into contact with the cooler materials in the range hood. The difference in temperatures between the hot steam and cool, metal ductwork causes the steam to condense. It’s like how your  breath fogs up a window when it is cold outside. It then condenses back into liquid water and drips onto the stove top or behind the range,  often puddling on the floor. Icon is Covington’s water damage cleanup expert.

To fix the problem, you’ll need to replace or redesign the exhaust fan. If you need ICON to make repairs, they might cut in the ceiling or cabinet above the stove.  The fan and accompanying ducting are installed. This ducting often runs through attics to get to an exterior wall.Then caulking or pre-made gaskets are used to fill any gaps to prevent water from dripping back down the ducting exterior and onto the stove.

What Are Other Reasons for a Leaky Stove?

Poor insulation is the most common cause of water leaking onto a stove, but some other factors can contribute, as well.

The extraction system (the exhaust fan) can break. If there is not sufficient suction, steam can collect in the ducting and condense before it exits the house. Extreme cold outside, or snow on the roof, can enhance the effects of a condensation problem in an extraction system.  Any obstructions in the ductwork could cause  water leaks; the most common cause is grease buildup. (Bird and animals could also build nests from outside.)

What Can Suffer Water Damage?

Kitchens have the most expensive cost per square foot in your home and lots of things can go wrong when excess water lingers: rotting wood, mold growth, bacteria growth, rusted metal, delamination of plywood, and ruined wood finishes.

Can Water Damage The Stove?

So it’ is possible that the stove could cause water damage and cleanup to your kitchen. And it is also true that water in your kitchen can also damage your stove. If your home gets flooded, debris in the water can cause failure in electronic components. Copper, iron, and other materials can rust or corrode, causing short circuits.

Kitchens are always at risk for problems. Call ICON Property Rescue when you discover water damage. We provide emergency services for water, fire, and mold removal services throughout Kentucky and Ohio.