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Fire Damage Cleanup

A home in need of our fire restoration services in Springfield, OH

Fire damage to your property can be devastating.  It brings with it emotional stress as you try to get your life back together. Our technicians strive to relieve your stress as they work with you from the first call until the last. We will arrive at your property quickly in order to prevent further damage and destruction.  A fire not only causes damage to your property and belongings, but can also lead to damage from extinguishing the fire.  ICON Property Rescue experts are certified in fire, smoke restoration and are fully trained in restoring hard surfaces, electronics, ventilation, construction and more.

Fire Damage FAQ

How quickly will someone be out to board-up and restore?

We will dispatch our technicians immediately for all major fire emergencies. 

How long will it take to have my property back to normal?

Since each situation is different, our specialists will assess your particular location and give you an approximate time frame.

Will I have to pay out of pocket, or will insurance cover the damage?

Most standard insurance policies will cover the damage caused by fire.  We work with all insurance companies and use insurance pricing to ensure low out-of-pocket expenses.

What should I do with my valuables and keepsakes that were ruined by the fire?

It is advisable to keep your valuables such as pictures, documents, electronics etc. until your adjuster has had a chance to assess them. Our Content Specialists are trained to save and restore those items that are most dear to you. They will also keep a picture inventory for insurance purposes.

What is the fire damage restoration process?

1. Fire Damage Assessment

Once arriving to the property, we will inspect areas to determine the extent of fire, smoke and soot damage.

2. Boardup

We will work to secure your property, broken windows, damaged walls, roofs and other openings.  This will protect you from further damage and trespassing.

3. Remove Contents and Textiles

Our Content Specialists will remove clothing, furniture, rugs and other valuables in order to restore the items and begin water extraction on the affected areas.

4. Water Extraction

Dry-out begins immediately.  We will remove the water and begin the drying process quickly in order to prevent mold growth.

5. Smoke & Soot Removal

We will use techniques in order to remove the smoke and soot from walls, ceilings and other surfaces.

6. Fire Damage Restoration

Our last step in getting your home or business to pre-fire condition is restoration. Our full construction team will restore your property to pre-loss condition.