The Water Damage Cleanup Process

water damage cincinnati, water damage cleanup cincinnatiWhen you experience a water disaster in your home or business, you may feel overwhelmed and frustrated. You have a lot of work to do and a short time to do it– mold can begin to form in less than 48 hours so immediate action is a must. In order to make the most with the available time, you need a logical plan. That plan should start with an experienced water damage cleanup company like ICON Property Rescue in Cincinnati. Our team approaches each disaster with an organized method to limit the damage.

An Experienced Assessment

One problem with home water damage is that a homeowner cannot see all the damage. Professional water damage cleanup teams know where to look and how to address hidden moisture, thus avoiding potential problems. By combining moisture meters and a trained eye, they can find water behind walls, under floors and in crawl spaces that may not be noticeable to anyone else.

Water Removal And Water Cleanup

The next goal is to extract water from the problem areas and begin the drying process as soon as possible. Professional water damage cleanup teams such as ICON Property Rescue use specialty commercial grade equipment to help facilitate and speed up the water extraction process. We have an arsenal of tools such as water extraction by truck-mounted vacuum units that can remove hundreds or thousands of gallons of water. Our team can do in a few hours what household equipment would take days to accomplish.


Next, efficient drying methods will be used in order to pull out the remaining excessive airborne moisture. Even after standing water has been removed, a room or basement will still be damp. Instead of opening a window, turning on a fan and simply waiting, today’s professionals take control of the drying process. Structural drying removes excess moisture from all wet materials that make up the structure. 

By managing a) the temperature of any wet materials, b) humidity levels and c) air flow, restoration teams can decrease future damage. State of the art drying equipment includes: heat drying systems, wall cavity drying system, sub-surface drying equipment and wood floor rescue drying systems. Many tools will be used until all moisture is drawn from carpet, tile floors and walls.

Cleaning And Sanitizing

Water doesn’t just damage your home, but also your personal belongings. You need top of the line cleaning services to ensure that your belongings are back to pre-loss condition before returning them to your home.

The cleaning, containment, and drying phases happen concurrently. When drying the home, damp areas are taped off in order to control and protect the rest of the house. During the drying process, crews monitor the dehumidifiers’ intake and output temperatures and humidity levels.  

All personal belongings need to be cleaned and sanitized to prevent unwanted mold and bacterial growth. Carpeting, clothing, and drapery are given antimicrobial treatments. Air scrubbers may also be used to remove particles and moisture from the air.

Restoration Plus Support

The last step is to restore the area to pre-loss conditions by repairing damaged drywall, replacing or cleaning affected carpet, and any other water damage cleanup necessary to restore the property to its original state.

Some water damage will be covered by your homeowners policy; flood damage never is. One advantage to calling in professionals like ICON is that they are familiar with documentation requirements for insurance claims. 

Cincinnati’s Water Damage Cleanup Experts

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