7 Reasons To Not Leave Water Damage Untreated

Out of sight, out of mind. Right? With less-than-appealing leftovers and looming work deadlines, this mantra might be true. However, with cases of water damage, this principle is detrimental. While water damage to a home may be temporarily unseen, its effects will eventually surface in various forms. We at ICON want you to take a look at these reasons to not leave water damage untreated in your Cincinnati home. 

  1. Water damage diminishes the value of your home. Homes with a history of water damage will show it. Although discoloration can be painted over and flooring can be replaced, most appraisers have an unmerciful eye when it comes to detecting water damage. If water damage is left untreated, your home will drop in value. 
  2. Floors and walls are weakened by water damage. Although wood is a leading material in home production, it doesn’t respond well to water damage. Over time, water can seep into floorboards and baseboards, causing them to crumble and weaken. Damp wood becomes vulnerable to mold. Not only does mold pose a risk to people living in the home, but it weakens the wood further, causing a safety risk. 
  3. Water damage threatens electrical systems. Okay, this one is obvious. Any electrical wiring, outlets, or fuse boxes exposed to wet or damp conditions pose a major risk to homeowners. 
  4. Pipes and plumbing may become corroded. Although pipes are designed to have water running through them, flood water is different. Chemicals, contaminants, and minerals are agents that corrode pipe metal. Fun, right? Over time, this causes leaks and floods. If water damage is left untreated, unseen water damage can occur. 
  5. Flood water can be toxic to your health. Flood water and sewage water, unlike a simple indoor leak, will eventually house mass amounts of bacteria, bugs, and fungus. As the water is allowed to evaporate, the surrounding air becomes humid. Say hello to mold and mildew. This process compounds the presence of mold and unwanted insects. It goes without saying that contact with mold and toxic flood water aren’t exactly great for your health. 
  6. Untreated water damage can raise insurance rates. As a homeowner, poor treatment of water damage can land you in a sticky situation with insurance companies. Depending on company policy, certain water damage claims may raise the rates you pay. Act quickly to avoid this issue. 
  7. Water damage weakens drywall. Since homes are framed by drywall, water damage weakens the entire home. Drywall exposed to water will become discolored, brittle, and fragile. Even under generous paint layers, it will warp and bubble. The best solution for this is to replace the drywall completely, which can be both expensive and exhausting. 

If you’ve discovered water damage in your Cincinnati home, whether left alone or not, contact a professional water damage restoration company like Icon Property Rescue. The structural integrity of your home is a lot to place on a do-it-yourself project. Professionals will be able to track the issue with precision and care. Give us a call today!