Water Damage: Prevention and Preparation For Potential Cleanup

water damage cleanup covington, water damage repair covington, water damage covingtonImagine the horror as you walk into your home in Covington, only to see water pooling in your kitchen. It’s a nightmare no one wants to have let alone a realty. Water damage is never something you want or expect to happen to you. For most of us (hopefully) it will never be something we have to worry about. However, water damage isn’t something anyone plans for, it just happens. It isn’t partial to anyone. It even happens to the best of us. Catching us completely by surprise. The initial mess that comes from water damage can be stressful and frustrating and even a bit sad at times. Water damage clean-up can be quite the hassle as well. That’s why you should start with prevention and then be prepared if water damage ever does come your way.

Water Damage Cleanup In Covington


Like mentioned before, water damage isn’t partial. Sometimes it does just happen and there wasn’t really anything you could have done to prevent it from happening. With that said, there is still plenty you can do to ensure that you have the best chances of never having to clean up water damage in your home. 

First, a common culprit of water damage is old appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. The best way to prevent them from malfunctioning is to do routine checks and maintenance as needed. Keep up on making sure the appliances are still working properly. 

Second, there are many different things outside that you can maintain as prevention measures. The plants growing in the yard make for a very pretty scenery but if there are trees with big roots, they can cause some issues. If the roots are allowed to overgrow the roots can press up against pipes and perhaps crack them causing pipe leaks. In addition, be sure to keep the gutters cleaned out so water doesn’t get backed up and overflow. When water overflows, the water can pool on the ground and leak through the foundation. As another precaution, for stormy days, it is helpful to slope your yard down away from your house. So when it rains heavily, the rain can run away from the house. 

Third, and last but not least, be aware of what’s going on in your house. If there is consistent condensation from the air condition, then make a move to stop that. Turn the fan on in the bathroom when taking hot showers. Be aware of any roof leaks, foundation cracks, or pipe leaks and get them fixed in a timely manner. 


Preparation for water damage doesn’t have to be hard. If it does occur, the first step is to remain calm. Second step is to move fast. If water damage is left untreated for a lengthy amount of time, there is likely to be even more damage to come out of it. Water damage clean-up should be left to the professionals. Most are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Find a professional company in your area, such as ICON Property Rescue in Covington. They will get the job done fast and right.