The Importance Of Having A Water Damage Cleanup Plan

Taking swift action can significantly reduce the effects of water damage in your Cincinnati home. Whether the damage is due to flooding, leaking pipes, sewer backup, appliance malfunction, or severe storms, it is important to have a plan of action and know what to do following any form of water damage. ICON Property Rescue wants to help our neighbors in Cincinnati have an adequate water damage response plan in place to help make the cleanup process quicker and more effective. Here is what you should do when you experience water damage in your home:

Water Damage Cleanup In Cincinnati

Avoid any additional risks associated with water damage

If the water damage was extensive enough for you to have to evacuate your home, do not re-enter until it has been deemed safe – especially if there is any visible structural damage. Be sure that all power to your home and electrical sources has been turned off before entering a water-damaged area. Water and electricity do not mix, so be sure that you do not risk electrical shock and keep power off until the area has been cleaned and cleared.

Be aware of water contamination

Even if the water in your home looks clear, it could be contaminated by unseen elements. Avoid coming into contact with any water if at all possible. If contact cannot be avoided, be sure to wear the proper protective gear such as waders, waterproof boots, and rubber gloves. Be sure to throw out any food or drinks that have come in contact with contaminated water. Keep kids and pets out of the area to keep them from being exposed to possible contaminants. 

Record all damages and damaged property

 You should contact your insurance provider ASAP following any type of water damage. Whether you have insurance or not, before you remove anything that has been damaged by water, make sure that it has been fully documented. Keep lists and take pictures of everything that has been damaged by water. Before any water damage cleanup occurs, be sure to have photos of everything. This will help with coverage and proof of damage. Take detailed notes regarding all conversations with your insurance, and be diligent in keeping records of everything.

Mitigate further damage by calling a water damage cleanup company

When it comes to your home, you want peace of mind that all damages will be cleaned up correctly, and no further damage will ensue. To adequately mitigate the risk of mold and structural damage that follow initial water damage, you need to let professional water damage cleanup experts take care of your home. With emergency response services 24/7, expertise in water extraction, and commercial-grade drying equipment, along with training and experience, the professionals at ICON Property Rescue can get your home back to pre-loss condition as quickly as possible. Our team is certified and insured to safely clean up water from both clean and contaminated sources. We always take the precautions necessary to make sure that water damage cleanup is handled safely and effectively. Do not waste any time when your home sustains water damage. Respond quickly and give us a call.