Watching For Exterior Water Damage

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Make Sure You’re Watching for Exterior Water Damage

Are you watching for exterior water damage? Problems stemming from inside the home may be the first thing that comes to mind when considering water damage. It is common knowledge that many things in a home cause water damage. These include leaky pipes, faulty appliances, and common accidents like an overflowing bathtubs. However, other problems need to be watched for when trying to avoid water damage from impacting a home. Water damage can also affect the exterior parts of your home. They can even infiltrate the interior. Our homes are supposed to protect us from the elements such as rain and snow, but if it is improperly sealed or insulated, this water can make it inside and cause problems. 

Water Damage Cleanup – Cincinnati

Keeping an eye out for problems outside of the home can protect you when bad weather hits. Water damage cleanup can be very costly to repair, so it’s important to try and prevent it as much as possible. This article will cover each place outside your home that can risk water damage. 


Gutters are there to protect your home from water and roof damage. Clogged gutters can direct water into your basement, resulting in floods and water leaking into the foundation. This flooding may cause cracks in your home’s foundation, which will shift the structure of your home and undermine its stability in the long run. Additionally, trapped water will rot the boards the gutters are mounted to, allowing moisture to enter your home and causing water damage to the ceiling and walls. 

This preventative measure cannot be utilized when the gutters are clogged with debris. You will need to clean them out often at least twice a year depending on the wind and foliage around your property. Ensure that before a storm hits that the gutters are completely free of blockage. Additionally, it is important that the downspouts are faced in the right direction, steering the water away from your home.

The Roof

Roof leaks can cause water damage inside and outside your home with short-term effects like stains and ruined drywall. There are also longer-lasting effects like mold, insect infestations, and even structural damage that can occur in your home. The faster you spot a leak in your roof, the better.

Water spots or mold growth on your ceiling clearly indicate that water is dripping above it somewhere, typically a leaky roof. If the roof has any visible damage such as missing or cracked shingles, or missing or damaged flashing, water is certainly coming through those avenues. Moreover, wet roof decking in the attic is also a sign of a damaged roof. 


No matter how big or small, any crack or hole in the home can let in water. Do a quick inspection. Check all exterior doors, windows, floors, ceilings, and roofs to see if there are imperfections. Most cracks or holes can be filled with various caulks or sealants designated for that specific problem. If you are able to look at the foundation of your home and you find any cracks, you can fill those with concrete patching. 

Water damage can affect the structural integrity of your home, the belongings in the home, and the health of everyone exposed to it. It’s important to remove water damage as soon as it is noticed. Unfortunately, the water damage cleanup process is a long and arduous one that many are not equipped to handle. Because of that, professionals at ICON Restoration are readily available to help whenever there are problems in your home.