Preventing Commercial Water Damage Cleanup in Cincinnati

water damage cleanup cincinnatiMost Cincinnati commercial property owners concentrate on preventing fire damage and forget that water damage prevention is just as crucial to avoid a major cleanup. Water leaks and flooding can cause extensive water damage and force you to close your business until the issue is resolved or cleaned up. To avoid such a situation, every business owner should adhere to the following prevention tips to keep their commercial business up and running.

Cincinnati Commercial Water Damage Prevention Tips

Know Where the Water Shutoff Valve Is

Knowing the location of the shutoff valve in the building can save your business from flooding or water damage. Stopping the flow of water in case of a pipe burst or an appliance malfunction is a significant step to preventing further damage. Making sure it is well labeled is a step further to ensuring anyone can locate it.

Install a Water Detection System

A water detector makes a signal when it senses water leaks. This device can be very helpful in detecting hidden water leaks resulting from burst pipes or malfunctioning appliances. Water leaks and flooding do not wait for normal business hours. Having a water detection system ensures your business gets protected even when you are close.

Inspect your Drainage System

Commercial property can flood due to a clogged drainage system. Get a professional at least once a year to check for signs of blockage in your drainage system. Catching a potential problem beforehand can save you a ton of resources in water damage cleanup.

Clean the Roof and Gutters

To prevent your business property from having roof leaks, periodically clean the gutters and clear away any debris on the roof. Clogged gutters and debris on the roof are the main causes of roof leaks.

Keep the HVAC and Plumbing System Well Maintained

Having your commercial building’s HVAC and plumbing systems inspected at least once a year might help you discover water damage issues before they start or develop. Your local technicians can make sure there are no clogged air conditioning lines and that no plumbing fixtures are leaking or need to be repaired. This step will ensure any hidden causes of water leaks are discovered before any water damage cleanup is required.

Get an Insurance Policy That Covers Water Damage

An insurance policy that includes water damage coverage is very crucial for your business, whether you own the commercial space or just rent it. Water damage claims are very costly, and replacing the damaged inventory, such as furniture, can be a burden without insurance. Be sure to have an insurance policy that will sufficiently cover the damage in order to keep your business open after flooding.

Water Damage Cleanup

The causes of commercial water damage are many. This means that preparedness is the only play you have against losses resulting from water damage. ICON Property Rescue will be there to help keep your building well maintained and free from all water damage threats. And in case the inevitable happens and damage does occur, we have a well-equipped team of professionals to assist you. For any water damage cleanup in Cincinnati, call ICON Property Rescue today.