Pests That Indicate Water Damage

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Water Damage and Pests

What does water damage cleanup in Cincinnati have to do with pests? Much like us, rodents and pests need water to survive. Unfortunately, when problems like a leaky faucet or pipes arise, they are attracted to it. Because of that, you unknowingly welcome these pests inside when water damage is allowed to stay in your home. It is simple to eliminate water problems when you can see a leaky faucet but can go unnoticed when the leak is inside the walls. These pests can be an indicator that water damage is happening somewhere inside your home. 

Water Damage Cleanup – Cincinnati

Water damage alone can cause a great deal of deterioration on its own. As water leaks onto wood, insulation, laminate, concrete, etc., it softens and damages each of these surfaces, affecting the integrity. The longer that the water is present, mold and mildew will begin to grow. Mold and mildew are extremely dangerous to the soundness of structures and a person’s health. With that, pests will also start to move in, causing even more damage. Each type of pest causes different kinds of damage. 

Wood-Destroying Bugs

Rotting wood is great for bugs to eat, hide in, and lay their eggs. Carpenter ants, powderpost beetles, and termites love to eat the wood that rots away with water damage. These pests are a bit harder to spot as they hide in the dark, but if you do spot one, you will need to start looking for water leaks. Some signs that these bugs are in your home include soft spots on hardwood or laminate flooring, pin-sized holes in cabinets or drywall, and sawdust along the baseboards. 

Rodents And Small Mammals

Small spaces like the insulation in your walls or attic are ideal homes for rodents and small animals. These spaces make them feel safe enough to where they can build nests and have their babies. Leaking pipes or puddles of water give these animals access to constant water, so they are likely to move in for the long haul. Additionally, with your kitchen nearby, they have easy access to food, especially if you tend to leave any sort of food out. 

However, these pests love to chew on rotting wood, as well as PVC, electrical wires, and even concrete. Moreover, mice, rats, raccoons, and other small mammals carry all sorts of diseases that are extremely harmful to both you and your pets. Some even carry rabies, so if you are scratched or bitten, you will be looking at a long series of medical treatments. 


Cockroaches thrive in wet environments. Though they can go weeks without any food, they need water far more often. Spotting a cockroach means that they likely have found a water leak in your basement or crawl space. Cockroaches are extremely hard to get rid of because they reproduce quickly and develop resistance to pesticides. They also hide easily in tiny spaces like inside electronics and appliances and lay eggs. Other than being a huge nuisance, they carry bacteria and diseases such as gastroenteritis, cholera, salmonella, and so much more. 

If your home has water damage, these pests are bound to keep coming back to it, no matter what extermination method you use. A dry house is the most effective way to prevent these pests from returning repeatedly. However, attempting to locate hidden water damage can be difficult and a larger job than you expected. Moreover, it’s an extremely thorough process that much is done correctly, or else water damage, along with pests and mold, will keep appearing. Contact professionals at ICON Property Rescue to help you with your water damage cleanup to ensure it is a one-time issue.