Act Fast To Cleanup Water Damage in Your Covington Home

water damage cleanup covingtonWhy should we clean up water damage fast – Covington KY? We all have things about our homes that we have come to just live with or ignore. For example, that ticking sound when the living room fan is turned on, or the rumble of the furnace kicking in before the warm air starts flowing from the vents. Our homes creak and crack, and, over time, will start to show signs of changes. While some can be ignored, some signs need to be acted on right away. This is especially so if those signs indicate there is water damage. Water damage requires a fast cleanup to mitigate any further damage. So if you notice any of the following signs in your Covington home, you should call for water damage cleanup right away.

Signs of Water Damage

Warping, swelling, or bubbling are all common signs of water damage. Porous materials like drywall and wood are absorbent and will take in water. Over time, the water will begin to cause swelling, warping, buckling, bubbling, and cracking to occur in walls, floors, and ceilings. Even if you cannot see the water, you will eventually be able to see the damaging effects. Water damage will present itself through the materials in your home. Bubbling paint often means water is leaking behind a wall. Warped floor boards can indicate a leak on the ground. If you notice any structural changes in your home, do not wait to have it evaluated for water damage.

Water spots and stains often show up on ceilings or walls when unseen water leaks are occurring. Once materials have become saturated, water stains will start to appear. Water stains and discoloration can begin as small spots that will grow over time, changing in size, shape, and color. Some stains can be left behind from old leaks, but if you notice new water spots, or stains that are getting large or darker, there is a current leak contributing to the changes in appearance. Be sure to have water spots or stains checked out so that the source of the water can be stopped and water damage cleanup can begin.

Use Your Nose!

Musty smells are also commonly associated with water damage. With water damage comes bacterial growth.  Bacterial growth results in an unpleasant, mildewy smell. If you notice a new smell that is stronger in a specific area of your home, you should have it checked for water damage. This smell will not fade away over time. In fact it may even get stronger until the source of the water has been found and resolved. You do not want to put off water damage cleanup if a musty smell is associated with it. That odor often means you also have a mold problem. Even if you cannot see the water damage, if you can smell an earthy smell, you should call a water damage restoration company.

Water Damage Cleanup in Covington

Knowing the signs of water damage and being able to identify and act on them right away will ensure a successful water damage cleanup for your home. Don’t ignore the signs of water damage! Call ICON Property to get the water damage taken care of before damages get any worse.