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A burning fire at a neighborhood park in Reading, Ohio, happened on Wednesday night. Four teenage boys turned themselves in on Friday and confessed to setting the fire. The four boys were playing with flammable liquid when the fire broke out. The four teens were charged with arson and vandalism. They have been turned over to their parents. Read the following article to find out more about the area. Read This

Voorhees Park

The city of Reading, Ohio has experienced a tragic fire last week. The fire started in a park on Wednesday night, and four teenage boys turned themselves in after confessing to the crime. Although they are now facing charges, each is remorseful. The teens were playing with flammable liquid, but authorities don’t know exactly what motivated them to set the park on fire. Voorhees Park is a great place for family fun, but there are other reasons to visit this area of the city.

Sts Peter and Paul Academy

If you’re looking for a private elementary school in Reading, OH, you’ve come to the right place. Sts Peter and Paul Academy is a highly regarded school that enrolls 115 students in grades Kindergarten through eighth. It is the 355th largest private school in Ohio and the 8,559the largest nationwide. It has a student-teacher ratio of 13 to one.

Central Elementary

Read more about the public schools in Reading, Ohio. This city is part of the Cincinnati-Raleigh-Cincinnati metropolitan area. Central Elementary in Voorhees Park Southern Avenue reading OH corresponds to the school district in that city. It serves grades pre-K through fifth grade. A co-located middle school, Reading High School, serves grades nine to twelve. The 2003 division III state boys basketball champions attend Reading High School. Check Out This Article

Hilltop Elementary

The school has a low minority enrollment, with approximately 18% of students being Black, compared to the state average of 32%. Overall, Hilltop Elementary in Voorhees Park, OH is ranked in the top 1% of all schools in Ohio for reading proficiency. This school is better than the state average in both reading and math proficiency, which means that it has a lower minority population than other schools in the area.

If you’re considering moving to Reading, the government’s School Information and Census Bureau provide a wealth of information. For example, a high school in the area has an average student enrollment of 1.2 students per teacher. For a more comprehensive school profile, check out the U.S. Census Bureau website. This website also contains data on local schools, including grades. By completing the questionnaire, you’ll receive a list of schools in Reading, along with information on student attendance, standardized test scores, and teacher salaries.

Reading Community City School District

The Voorhees Park Southern Avenue, in Reading, Ohio, is a neighborhood within the Reading Community City School District. The school serves the town of Reading, which is located just eight miles north of Cincinnati. The Reading Community City School District has two elementary schools serving children in pre-K through fifth grade, as well as a middle school, which co-locates with Central Elementary. The school district is also home to the 2003 division III state boys basketball champions.

In 1969, the PATCO Speed Line replaced the railroad in Voorhees. This new transportation provided faster travel between Philadelphia and Voorhees, where the first public school opened in 1884. In 1899, the area was known for general stores, but today, Voorhees boasts the Echelon Mall, Eagle Plaza, and Main Street. Echelon Mall has everything from x-rays to accounting services. Meanwhile, Main Street has professional shopping centers like Ritz Plaza, Target, and Wal-Mart. Continue reading

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