Shor Park in Clermont County Ohio

The Clermont County Park District will dedicate its newly renovated Shor Park to the community on Friday, July 21. Sylvia Shor donated the 56-acre park to the Park District in 2003 and it has since received improvements including two picnic shelters, a permanent restroom facility, and a new storage area for Park District equipment. The park has become an example of how the community can address flooding concerns while maintaining a healthy environment. See More Information!

Shor Park is a demonstration site for local communities looking for solutions to flooding

On April 20, the Clermont County Park District will host a walking tour of Shor Park, a flood-control demonstration site located in Union Township. The tour will last about 90 minutes and will include a brief history of the park and its flood-control innovations. The park is part of the Clermont Soil and Water Conservation District. To learn more about this unique flood-control demonstration site, visit the Clermont County Park District, located at 4659 Tealtown Road, Union Township.

It has rain gardens

Rain gardens are an excellent way to clean water and reduce pollution in our lakes and rivers. They work by capturing runoff from hard surfaces, filtering it through native plants and the proper soil types. In addition to helping our waterways, rain gardens also create aesthetically pleasing landscapes. Moreover, they attract native wildlife and plants, and provide a place for wildlife to live and thrive. Finally, rain gardens add color to our yards, and can also attract migrating birds and butterflies.

The Cleveland Botanical Garden collaborated with the Slavic Village Development District to identify parcels for rain gardens in Slavic Village. The garden’s expertise in stormwater management allowed it to identify parcels with high potential for additional stormwater volumes. The two sets of parcels for the AM experimental design were selected. While the first two sets of plants were not yet fully grown, the ORD team and the Slavic Village Development District continued to monitor the progress of the gardens and asked residents if they were aware of the rain garden. A fantastic read!

It has a playground

This 56-acre park was donated to the Clermont County Park District in 2003. It features three walking trails and several open fields, including a playground that is inclusive for children with disabilities. The park also includes a windmill and is home to the county’s first inclusive playground. There are several other amenities and features for families to enjoy. Visitors to Shor Park can picnic in the park’s new pavilion or take advantage of the park’s picnic shelters.

The Buckeye Area playground is one of the largest and most accessible in the area. It features natural design and complements the dramatic trees and wetlands nearby. There is an ADA accessible shelter located next to the playground, and there is a grill near the entrance. Young sledders will love the low hill near the playground. The park offers fishing and canoe/kayak access. For an unforgettable day, bring the whole family to the playground.

It has a baseball field

Shor Park, in London, Ohio, has a baseball field and is the home of the University of Cincinnati men’s baseball team. The baseball field was funded by Cincinnati Reds outfielder Jay Bruce. It is named after the scout who discovered Bruce and passed away in 2006. The baseball field features a plaque in memory of Brian Wilson. The field is open to the public and can be viewed from the street. Refer to This Article for More Information!

Driving Direction from Icon Property Rescue to Shor Park

Driving Direction from Shor Park to Clepper Park