Mold Removal In Your Milford Home?

mold removal milford, mold cleanup milford, mold damage milfordSpreading from airborne spores, household mold is a fungus that usually grows in damp, warm conditions without much airflow. Mold flourishes in bathrooms and loft spaces; badly insulated heating pipes can also cause a build-up of moisture behind the walls. 

When you have a high concentration of mold, you may even smell it. However, mold on a surface is often difficult to distinguish from just a dirty one. To be sure, an expert from ICON Property Rescue in Milford will be able to test and will immediately alert you to any dangers, and will be able to help with mold removal services.

What Kind Of Mold Is It?

You can easily spot the most visible type of mold, it’s the powdery gray-black stuff you see spreading in between the tiles in your bathroom and on outdoor surfaces in damp, shady areas. However, It is very difficult to identify specific mold strains by looking. Mold removal technicians are specially trained to identify and effectively remove mold growth from your property. Their mold experts can test the colonies found in your home to help you assess any additional dangers.  

However, it’s not enough to visually identify mold and mildew. If there’s mold, there’s moisture, and you need to find out where it’s coming from and fix the problem by removing the mold permanently. You need to kill the current infestation and then ensure it does not come back. 

Can You Cleanup Mold On Your Own?

If tackling a smaller area, make sure you wear protective eyewear, gloves, and a face-mask, since contact with the spores can be harmful. Open some windows or use a fan in the room while working. Use a stiff-bristled brush, scrub the blackened area with a solution of chlorine bleach and water. Rinse thoroughly and dry. 

If the affected space is more than one square foot, have the mold removal team deal with it. They have more precise products/tools, safety equipment, and tons of practice cleaning mold quickly and safely.

Tips To Prevent Mold

Once you’ve dealt with mold damage on your walls, the next step is to try to stop it recurring. Here are your options:

  • Consider installing an electric dehumidifier in badly affected areas for long-term mold prevention.
  • Upgrade your home insulation. Properly insulated walls and ceilings will have less condensation, and therefore mold.
  • Keep bathrooms, kitchens, and other humid spaces well-ventilated and as dry as possible. Use exhaust fans. Spread out shower curtains and towels to dry.
  • Address any leaks as soon as they’re discovered to prevent moisture seeping into cavities and under floors.

Milford’s Mold Removal Experts

Whether you suspect mold in your home, or have all the signs of a hidden mold infestation, you will want to get it cleaned up. To get a snapshot of the amount of mold particles in a certain area at a certain time, hire an expert to collect and analyze mold samples for accurate results. Then you will have the information, plus a partner, to help you solve your mold situation. 

Discovering mold in your home can be stressful. ICON Property Rescue understands the frustration that mold removal can cause and strives to get your Milford home clean and safe. Call them if you think you need mold removal.