How to Identify Mold And Why it Should Be Taken Care Of Immediately

Mold mold removal milford, mold cleanup milford, mold remediation milfordPhobia: an extreme fear or irrational aversion to something.

Most people have a fear or aversion to something. For some, the eight-legged arachnid will have them jumping on their beds the moment they see it. Others, it’s the fear of heights. Although fears may vary, there is one thing that seems to put almost everyone in a fit of disgust. That thing is mold. In this article we’ll talk about how to identify mold and why it should be taken care of immediately.

Mold: the organic matter that is most commonly associated with decay.

By itself, mold is unpleasant. However, when found in food, or (heaven forbid) your Milford home, it goes from a topic aversion to full-on disgust. When found, mold problems should be taken care of as fast as possible. Not only is it stinky, it also can be dangerous. 

How does one know if they have a mold problem

  1. A strange smell – this is the most common and earliest sign 
  2. The appearance of health symptoms: these can include watery eyes, coughing, itchy eyes or skin, and sore throats (keep in mind these can also be signs of other things too, like a cold!) 
  3. The obvious appearance of mold 

Mold Testing

Although these are good signs to detect, the only way one can actually know is to have their home or property mold tested. Mold spores can be hard to detect because they are microscopic and sometimes need special equipment to find them. Luckily there are solutions such as ICON Property Rescue in Milford, that are professionals in dealing with these problems. 

How quickly does mold spread? 

  1. It can spread in as little as 24-48 hours after water is introduced to the source
  2. Mold can colonize in 1-12 days

Because of this, it is absolutely critical that these issues be taken care of! 

Mold Assessment

What procedure is taken to assess and take care of mold damage?

  1. Mold Test and Assessment – this is done on the same day and is performed by an environmental hygienist. The conclusions about the site are usually given within two to three days. 
  2. Moisture Inspection – this is a hands-on procedure done by the environmental hygienist as well. They go to the home or site and make sure that there is a need for mold testing. They will then find the source of the water and the mold growth. 
  3. Remediation – when toxic mold is present at the home or other properties, the professionals will contain the area from further spreading and take proper mold removal actions. 
  4. Post testing – this takes place after the remediation is done in order to be completely sure that the mold has been entirely removed. 

Mold Professionals

Mold can destroy the structure of one’s home, and can also pose serious health risks to those inside. Although it is not something people like to talk about, it is important to have inspections of mold done by professionals if you suspect you may have some in your home or property. Just like fears of spiders and heights, understanding how to identify mold and how it grows is the first step in facing one’s fears/aversions. Then make sure to call professionals such as ICON Property Rescue to ensure a quick and efficient inspection and removal. They will be sure that the mold problem is gone for good.