Four Symptoms Of Exposure To Fire Damage

fire damage cleanup covingtonOne of the collateral consequences of fire damage is the threat it can pose to your health. In some cases, the health threats posed by a fire can be even more dangerous than the fire itself. Here are four of the health risks you should be most concerned about after a fire from our fire damage cleanup professionals at ICON Property Rescue in Covington.

Fire Damage Cleanup In Covington

Fire Damage Disaster Exposure Symptoms

  1. Respiratory Issues. 
  2. Vision Irritation.
  3. Skin Problems.
  4. Cancer Risks.

Respiratory Issues. 

The prospect of breathing problems as a result of exposure to fire damage should not be taken lightly. It is by far one of the most serious health problems stemming from fire damage. Typically, these problems are brought on by one of two specific causes: smoke inhalation and soot inhalation. These are similar and easy to confuse, but soot inhalation is actually the more dangerous of the two. Soot particles are burnt microscopic particles composed of an impure mix of carbon materials. Therefore they can wreak havoc on your lungs and are even known to have carcinogenic properties in some cases.

Vision Irritation

Smoke does not play well with your eyes. It doesn’t take much smoke exposure before your eyes will become red, dry, and itchy. The tricky thing with smoke damage is that it isn’t always visible to your eyes and may be suffering from exposure without you even knowing it. You may need to wear eye protection for a time to shield your eyes from being damaged by the smoke. If these problems persist, make sure you see an eye doctor right away so you can keep the problem from becoming any more severe. 

Skin Problems

Just as it takes a toll on your eyes, fire damage is not kind on your skin either. The most common effect the fire damage has on skin is causing excessive irritation and dryness. In most cases, you should be able to remedy this by applying lotion and moisturizing often. If this still doesn’t get the job done, you may need an over-the-counter brand for dealing with dry, irritated skin. Finally, make sure that there is no more lingering smoke in your home after the fire. Lingering smoke in your home or clothes may continue to perpetuate your skin problems.

Cancer Risks

Cancer is a rare consequence of fire damage. However, prolonged exposure to smoke and/or soot is known to cause cancer in some cases. To prevent this, you should take all the possible measures possible to limit your exposure to the smoke. Even if it’s inconvenient, avoid going back into the home or wear respiratory protection any time you do. Doing so is well worth the extra effort. Investing in fire damage cleanup services is wise to help you avoid this risk completely.

As you can see, the symptoms of exposure to fire damage range from minor to as serious as it gets. No matter the potential health problems in your case, make sure you give the fire damage cleanup experts a call at ICON Property Rescue in Covington, as soon as possible after a fire. We can repair the damage and help you stay safe in the process.