Tips And Tricks To Deal With Any Fire Damage And Cleanup

fire damage cleanup covington, fire damage repair covington, fire damage restoration covingtonIn order to be better prepared on how to respond if your Covington home catches on fire, from our fire damage cleanup experts, here is a list of what to do to ensure you and your family are safe. 

Fire Damage Cleanup In Covington

  • Have a fire escape plan for your home. As soon as your smoke alarms alert you of a fire, the escape plan needs to be initiated. For an escape plan to be effective, there should be two exit routes from each room. Outside of the home, a safe distance away, there should be an established meeting point. Every member of the family needs to know the escape plan. For the plan to work, you need to practice it. Be sure to have regular fire drills so that everyone is practiced and prepared to respond. If there are infants in the home, make sure to assign one person to be in charge of them; that way everyone can be accounted for. Getting everyone out of the home safely and quickly is the number one priority, so to make this possible you need a fire escape plan. 
  • Know to exit a burning home safely. Inhaling smoke can cause serious damage to the brain, lungs, and heart. Smoke will kill you before the flames, so you need to stay low below the smoke when exiting. If available, place a clean cloth or other fabric over your nose and mouth to act as a filter. Check doors before opening them to make sure that the flames are not directly behind them. Doors can actually act as barriers to keep the fire away for a little bit of time, so if you open one and the fire is right behind it, it will spread quickly to where you are. You can check to see if a door is safe to open by feeling the handle for heat. 
  • Alert emergency response personnel right away. Let firefighters know where the fire originated and how many family members are still inside if not everyone has made it to the designated meeting area. The more information you can give the response teams, the better the odds are of them getting everyone out safely, extinguishing the flames quickly, and lessening fire damage cleanup costs.
  • Make sure that you have working alarms in every sleeping room, and at least one on every floor. Keep batteries fresh and test your alarms periodically. You should also have at least one fire extinguisher accessible in your home. If the fire is contained to a small area, you can use the extinguisher to attempt to put it out. However, do not spend time attempting to put out a fire that is resisting. Fires grow very quickly, and your time is much better spent following the fire escape plan to ensure that everyone has made it out of the home quickly and safely.
  • Call ICON Property Rescue to handle the fire damage cleanup. We know how devastating fire damage to your home and property is, and we know that it also brings a lot of emotional distress. Our fire damage cleanup technicians strive to relieve your stress as they work with you from the first initial call until the last bit of damage has been cleaned and repaired.