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“Scared of your own house? This company was courteous, friendly, quick to respond and very helpful in taking the fear out of “what to do” when you don’t know what’s wrong with your house.  Thanks a lot for your help and guidance.” – Diane I.


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Mold Testing in Crestview Hills KY

Mold Removal Crestview Hills KY

After learning of a suspected mold problem, it is important to determine the type of mold present and the extent of mold growth before cleanup is performed. We will test for toxic mold and follow up within 2 business days with the results.  Our certified and experienced Environmental Hygienist and team will confine the areas and begin mold remediation.  After cleanup is performed, it is extremely important to verify the mold has been eliminated.


Mold Inspections


How do I know if I have mold?

The only way to tell if you have mold for sure, is if you have your property tested.  Signs you can watch out for that may signal mold include: a strange odor, the appearance of mold or health symptoms such as watery eyes.


How quickly does mold spread?

Mold can begin to grow in as little as 24 to 48 hours after water intrusion and begins to colonize in 1-12 days.  It is important to remove the mold before it spreads and creates more damage to your home or business.


Mold Removal

Our mold removal contractors are all trained in the latest and best safety techniques in order to avoid exposure to dangerous mold spores. Mold spores are microscopic and difficult to detect without special equipment. The mold spores that are carried in the air pose a risk of respiratory allergies and distress. Some species of mold can even cause permanent health problems. Unlike many other mold cleanup companies, our mold damage contractors are thorough in making sure your mold problem is a thing of the past. Whether you need mold cleanup in a small area or require a massive amount of basement mold removal, our team is professional, knowledgable, and equipped to handle any issue.

Will my insurance cover the mold removal it or do I have to pay out of pocket?

Many times mold removal is covered if it was due to a storm or faulty plumbing.  If mold was caused due to owner neglet or an item not covered on your policy (flood) then you may be liable to pay the amount out of pocket.


What is the mold testing and mold removal process?

1. Mold Assessment – We will first assess the situation and determine if testing is needed.

2. Mold Test – Crestview Hills Mold Testing is performed the same day our Environmental Hygienist is at the property. Results will be available to the property owner within 2-3 business days.

3. Moisture Inspection – Our Environmental Hygienist will visit your home or business to visually determine if Mold Testing or Infrared Testing is needed.  He will then determine the scope, water source and location of mold growth.

4. Mold Estimate – Our Environmental Hygienist will begin the estimate when at the home or business.

5. Remediation – If toxic mold is preset, our team will contain the areas of the property to prevent further spreading of mold spores.  We will then perform mold remediation.

6. Post Testing – We will post test the areas where mold was present in order to ensure the mold has been removed.


Your Crestview Hills Mold Removal Company

We understand the trauma of dealing with property and contents damage and make it our goal to return our customers’ lives to normal as quickly as possible. Give Icon Property Rescue a call today if you think you need Crestview Hills mold remediation. We will start with a mold consultation any handle all aspects of the mold process including the mold inspection, mold testing, and finally if needed the mold removal. Let Icon handle all your mold damage repairs.

More About Crestview Hills KY

Crestview Hills is located close to I- 275, Interstate 71, and Interstate 75. It is home to the Crestview Hills Town Center, Five Seasons Country Club, and Thomas More College. It is also close to St. Elizabeth Hospital, which has many offices in Crestview Hills’ Thomas More Research Park. In addition, the 2 ft  narrow gauge. The railroad, operating as a venue for charitable organizations, runs Kentucky’s only working steam locomotive.

Icon property Rescue performs service throughout Crestview Hills KY, including 41017.

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They did a great, thorough job. They were very kind and clear about the information they gave.
“Their response time was impeccable!  I loved that they showed up on the job ready to work and to help our family recover from our loss.  No other company shows up with dryers and are prepared to go to work like ICON”.

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